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nice game!! i found a little thing where when walking if you press the opposite way but keep holding the way you wanna go they'll walk without animations. also was that a life is strange easter egg i saw?

Yes it is, hahaha. We try to make the answers like LiS. Also we know that there is a problem with animations in that way, but it is a ludum dare game so having bugs is normal. Thank you for playing <3

no problem also that bug i found nice cause it's like they were floating to the end instead of walking

Hey! I!m Yase.

Sorry but how can I download it?

Hiii!! It has no download link but we can publish it if you want ;)

That would be amazing!!

this game is has relaxing main menu music. its a funny story when it comes to choices, theres no correct answer of course but its funny though. its better for you to eat chocolate when you have diabetes. i made a video for you project :D

by the way, the soundtrack is amazing, where i can hear it?

Thanks a lot!!! The music isn't at a website yet. We made the game in 24 h aprox cause in a jam you don't have a lot of time for doing it.  So everything we have is the posted videogame. <3

I love the simplicity of this game, but if I may ask, was being able to move by just pressing A or D without the sprite moving intended? Also what game engine did you use?


It was made to be played with the arrows, not with A or D ;) We made it with unity. Thanks for playing <3


i liked a lot the game!!!  i laught a lot with some of the questions and also the aesthetic is very beautifull and you fell very chill with the enviroment <3 

I'm glad you enjoy it!! <3